Interior Landscaping

When walking into a building, plant components add the extra detail most professionals are looking for to showcase their personal touches. Indoor plants usually require little to no sun, minimal watering and can deliver blooms in a variety of colors. Most people keep the usual orchid at their desk but the options in plants are many. From air plants requiring essentially no maintenance (and an excellent addition to a terrarium,) to the humongous monstera, and the beautiful hibiscus; the right plant for your office or building is available.

Indoor Plants found in most offices include:

1. Orchids

2. Snake Plants

3. Wax Plants

4. Money Plant

5. Ivy

6. Peace Lily

7. Bamboo

8. Jade Plant

9. Cactus

10. Rubber Plants

…the list can continue but in the least, this can give you an idea of where to start when selecting the indoor plant that provides the ambience your office, home or building needs.

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