Soil Testing

The Greater Conroe area has been through so much growth as of late and the trend is not to be stopped anytime soon. The soil in our area, unfortunately, is affected by the increase in industry and population negatively. Soil testing locally can be used for many purposes. Usually, soil testing for residential homes is either used prior to construction (to make sure the material used for the foundation won’t be affected by the chemical components in the soil,) to provide peace of mind by measuring levels of contamination, to know which plants would thrive in that environment and which fertilizer to use. 

Focusing on urban contamination, the main factors there would be pollution via pesticides, petroleum, chromated copper arsenate and creosote, asbestos and lead. Elevated concentrations of any of these prove harmful for human and animal interaction. Being able to test the soil at a site prior to inhabiting it allows us to determine a best approach scenario and prevent further negative impact.

Foundations are tough to change after a house or building has been placed on top. Knowing what is in the soil to determine what foundation mixture is best provides long term peace of mind for those that have to live and/or work inside the structure built. Usually a cracked, unlevel or otherwise degraded foundation is a headache to repair or replace


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